Art, Custom and Costume Contest Info


Entries may be submitted from 9 am until 12 pm the Saturday of the convention. After 12 pm all art pieces will be judged by the TFcon Art Judges.  The winner will be announced at a time on the event schedule.  All categories for the art contest attendees are welcome to enter, 2D, 3D. All entries are to be PG-13. Pieces previously entered cannot be entered again. No collaborative entries, the piece has to be 100% your own creation. Limit of two entries per person.

2D entries can be anything from a painting, black and white drawing, color drawing, computer render print out, basically anything that’s on a flat piece of paper qualifies for this category. It is preferred that any 2D entry be mounted, framed or in a protective covering.

3D entries can be anything from a diorama, kitbash/custom, toy repaint or statue.

2D entries will be judged on originality, perspective, creativity, lighting/shadows, application of color/tones, detail, realism/suspension of disbelief and the judges overall impression.

3D entries will be judged on detail, originality, use of color, proportions, realism, use of materials, innovativeness, neatness and the judges overall impression.

The art contest prizes will be custom made trophies from TFcon. These prizes will only be offered to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries so be prepared to come ready to compete!



Come to the show dressed as a Transformer or Transformers character and be prepared to be showcased for the judges and an audience of attendees. Entrants are asked to meet in the scheduled panel room at the start of the contest, sharp. Please see the event schedule for contest times.

-No restrictions on the character species (robot, human, etc…)
-Participants are free to create their own character, although a known Transformer may garner more interest
-As children enjoy participating in this event, please keep all costumes PG
-A costume of your own creation will be further rewarded
-1 costume entry per person
-Past prize-winning costumes are ineligible to win, but are free to attend the gathering

Sign-up Process
-Entrants to write their name & costume Character, on an entry form at the beginning of the panel
-Can include a brief description for the host to announce

Expect a close up review of the design and craftsmanship that goes into costume creation and construction. How does the outfit look? Does it Transform? Is it look like a robot?
It’s all about costume quality if you want to win 1st prize!