Transformers Artist Sara Pitre-Durocher to attend TFcon Chicago 2016

TAAO_01_Cover_finalWe are very pleased to welcome artist Sara Pitre-Durocher to the Chicago guest list this year.

Sara has worked on IDW’s Combiner Hunters one-shot, The Transformers 46, 47 and 49, and is now the primary artist on the new ongoing comic book Till All Are One. While she will be attending all weekend, details on her signing times and where to get prints and commissions will be announced at a future time.

Transformers Voice Actor Richard Newman to attend TFcon Chicago 2016

RhinoxTFcon is proud to announce that Richard Newman will be appearing as a guest at this years convention in Chicago. Known to Transformers fans as the voice of Rhinox in Beast Wars, Tankor in Beast Machines and Vector Prime in Transformers Cybertron. Mr. Newman will be taking part in Q&A panels and signing for the attendees of the America’s largest fan-run Transformers convention all weekend long.

Transformers Titans Returns TFcon Chicago/Acme Comics Exclusive Cover Variant

Transformers-TitansReturn-AcmeComicsLimited to 650 copies worldwide, this exclusive cover to Transformers Titans Returns will be available for TFcon attendees to purchase at the 2016 Chicago convention at the Acme Comics booth. Being a huge Transformers fan, the artist Chris Giarrusso, best known for the all ages graphic novel G-Man, drew inspiration from the original Transformers toy line 1987 box artwork and will be attending the show in Artists Alley for people who want meet him, get sketches, or have their copies signed.

Transformers Voice Actor Garry Chalk to attend TFcon Chicago 2016

optimusprimalHappy 4th of July America! We are very happy to welcome Transformers voice actor Garry Chalk to TFcon Chicago 2016. The voice of Optimus Primal in Beast Wars and Beast Machines and Optimus Prime in the Armada, Energon and Cybertron cartoons, he also voiced Generation 1 Megatron in an episode of Beast Wars. Additionally he is known to GIJOE fans as the voices of Pathfinder and Metalhead in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, and He-Fans as the voices He-Man in The New Adventures of He-Man, and Man-at-Arms in the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Mr. Chalk will be taking part in Q&A panels and autograph sessions with the attendees of the world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention all weekend long.

Transformers Voice Actor Michael Bell to attend TFcon Chicago 2016

SideswipeWe are happy to welcome the voice of Generation 1 Prowl and Sideswipe Michael Bell to TFcon Chicago 2016. He also voiced Bombshell, Brainstorm, First Aid, Gort, Junkion, Scrapper and Swoop in the same series. He then returned to the characters of Sideswipe and Scrapper for the video game Transformers: Devastation. Fans of the 80s will also remember him as the voice of Duke in GI Joe, Lance in Voltron, plus Grouchy, Lazy and Handy Smurf in The Smurfs.

Michael will be taking part in Q&A panels and autograph sessions with the attendees of the world’s largest fan-run Transformers convention all weekend long.

TFcon Chicago Air Travel Discount Info

TFcon along with Andromeda Consultants are proud to establish a special convention airfare discount with United Airlines for travel between 10/16/2016 to 10/29/2016 anywhere in the world to Chicago Airport (ORD), United will offer a discount up to 15% off depending on fare class and city of origin.  You may book online at and enter your Offer Code ZWFR592102 in the Offer Code box when searching for your flights.  If booking through a travel professional or United Meetings at 800-426-1122, please give them Agreement Code: 592102 & Z Code: ZWFR.  We respectfully request you to enter the promotion code in even if the code does not impact your pricing so we can see the volume to help us to plan better and get higher discounts for future years.