TFcon Chicago 2014 Exclusive Axis Profile

IMG_5707ALLEGIANCE: Destrons
FUNCTION: Night Ambush General
Profile: Forged from the same C-14 Body Type as SHAFTER, this CON of the night is fully upgraded for battle. There is not many Destrons hiding on Planet Zone, but AXIS is one of them, and you won’t find him, he will find you. Many bots have lost their sparks to this hunter of the night. The further you get from ZONE BASE, the more likely you won’t be returning as AXIS is hiding in the shadows, waiting for his chance to strike. He has been in the Great War for many years and changed his body multiple times to keep up. His side arm blasters let off a quiet energy pulse that puts most Seibertrons out for the count, then uses his TUYO gun to finish the job. Some bots say he trained under DIESEL for many years before breaking out on his own.
Abilities: Metallikato, Circuit-Su and Crystalocution just to name a few of the name arts of taking out one’s enemy that AXIS is a practitioner off.
Weaknesses: He can’t resist a challenge, and with a big mouth like SHAFTER calling him out of his comfort zone and into the bright lights of ZONE BASE, he is putting himself at a disadvantage.

Transformers Movie Barricade Car to attend TFcon Chicago 2014

barricadeThe 2005 Mustang Saleen 2007 Extreme S281 prototype known as Barricade used in the 2007 movie Transformers will be in attendance at TFcon Chicago 2014. There were 3 cars made for the film, with this vehicle being one of the primary camera vehicles. This Barricade was used in the scene where Shia LaBeouf was struck by the drivers side door and was knocked off his bike, as well as in the warehouse chase scene where the vehicles crash through the window.